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September 4th ,-Spartan Speedway

Morgen Baird 18.200

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2015 GLS Drivers

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Maurice Randall, Lansing, Mi.

Jarrod Pritchett #1

Kyle Trinklein #3

Armani Williams #4

Elliott Pritchett is getting used to victory lane winning again in Angola. The win gives Pritchett a solid lead in the GLS Points Championship with just two races remaining. Jon Sattison won the fast heat, with fill in driver Scott Redman winning heat #2 and Jay Woolsey winning heat #3.

During the first lap of heat #2 Andrea Miller went airborne and crashed hard into the wall. We hope that Andrea is doing well and we look for to seeing Andrea and Mary Prucnell, who was injured at New Paris, back to competition in the GLS soon.

The GLS has had 29 drivers compete in races this season. Awesome number and we look forward to seeing you soon. Next up Spartan Speedway


Matt Kemp #5

Tray Chmeliewski #7

Mark Mason #8

Elliott Pritchett #9

Jay Woosley #15

Jessica Trinklein #16

Mary Prucnell #20

Brad Currier #22

Chad Webber #23


2015 Points Championship Standings

Angola Speedway Results- Main Event


Zack Nichols # 24

Robert Ruttan #33

Stephanie Hile #28

American Racer Tires

Andrea Miller #55

Doug Higbie #48

Bob Hile #57



Bill Rychel #71

Justin Carley #82

Darren Bohne #76


Colin Zieman #87

Jim Bennett #95

Jon Sattison #96


Results in full Results in full

Tyler Minix #42

Nicole Stanley #2

John Culp #0

Archived Race Results

Angola Heat Race Results

2015 GLS-Young Guns Championship

2015 GLS-Rookie of the Year Championship


Vera Yoder - GLS Photographer

2015 GLS Tracks/Records

Tim Phillips- 14.926

Tim Phillips- 18.870

Elliott Pritchett- 11.845

Morgen Baird 14.173

Tim Phillips- 14.986

Elliott Pritchett- 15.865

Tim Phillips- 19.343

Maurice Randall- 15.898


Morgen Baird- 17.576

Morgen Baird- 15.220

Maurice Randall- 18.953